Why Our Decluttering & Organizing Efforts Can Backslide….

Introduction Many of us get into decluttering and organizing thinking that if we can work to gain back control of our spaces, that we will be able to maintain them with small efforts in the future. Now for the most part, that may be true if we continue to routinely declutter, sort, clean and organizeContinue reading “Why Our Decluttering & Organizing Efforts Can Backslide….”

Here’s to the Short Races….

Introduction – Perseverance. In thinking about the quote above, I immediately began to think about how it applied to our lives as we simplify. Having perseverance when we have committed ourselves to do something can be challenging. However, if we keep in mind what it was that originally made us want….

Why Beginning Simple Living Projects with What We Already Have Is Important….

Introduction. I got to thinking recently about starting out on a Simple Living or Minimalist journey and how it feels in the beginning. Starting out on a new way of life will usually lead us to feel so excited, exhilarated and happy….

Why Simplifying is Important (in my Opinion):

Introduction. Over the years, I have come to really value the act of decluttering. When I originally started to simplify my home, decluttering seemed a bit of a foreign activity to do….


My Story On Beginning My Simple Living Journey Introduction. Hello! My name is Kyra, and I would like to welcome you to my website / blog, Simplicity’s Journey. It is here that I will be talking about Simple Living topics such as decluttering, cleaning and organizing, for starters. Originally, I had an interest in creatingContinue reading “Welcome….”