Pushing Through Frustration While Simplifying….

Introduction. I recently saw this quote and instantly thought about the fact that it can apply to so many aspects in life. For our Simple Living Community on Simplicity’s Journey, this quote is very inspiring….

Embarking on a Simple Living or the Minimalist Lifestyle….

Introduction. When we embark on simplifying our lives, it is a wonderful, new way of life. It starts out in one area and slowly begins to positively infiltrate through our lives….

Organizing Challenge – Paperwork – Part III: A Possible Solution to Our Short-Term Paperwork Dilemma

Usage of the Sunday Basket. I briefly wanted to talk to you about how the “Sunday Basket” can be used. If you would want to use it the “traditional” way that it was originally intended, you would pick the same day each week….

Organizing Challenge – Paperwork – Part II: A Possible Solution to Our Short-Term Paperwork Dilemma

Gathering the Supplies. I have to say that after I learned more about this system, I went out and got the supplies that I thought that I would need to put a “Sunday Basket” together….

Making Your Simple Living or Minimalist Dreams Happen….

Introduction. Remember, you are capable of accomplishing your dreams…. Whether it’s creating a Simple or Minimalist Lifestyle and other, positive dreams….