Why Our Decluttering & Organizing Efforts Can Backslide….

Introduction Many of us get into decluttering and organizing thinking that if we can work to gain back control of our spaces, that we will be able to maintain them with small efforts in the future. Now for the most part, that may be true if we continue to routinely declutter, sort, clean and organizeContinue reading “Why Our Decluttering & Organizing Efforts Can Backslide….”

Planning Out and Creating Our Simple and Minimalist Spaces

Introduction. Henry David Thoreau is a man known for his minimalist views. Even during the time in which he lived, he understood the true value of living a simple life. When we begin and continue on with our Simple Living or Minimalist journeys, we discover this value, firsthand, as well….

Simple and Minimalist Living: Excess Belongings Do Not Give Security

Introduction. Living Simply or being a Minimalist ultimately means that we have faced the facts about owning too much clutter and have begun working on reducing the amount of items that we own within our homes….

Here’s to the Short Races….

Introduction – Perseverance. In thinking about the quote above, I immediately began to think about how it applied to our lives as we simplify. Having perseverance when we have committed ourselves to do something can be challenging. However, if we keep in mind what it was that originally made us want….

Where to Start Decluttering When You Are Unsure Where to Begin

Introduction. I was thinking the other day about the thrift store and the items that we go there to find. It’s always so exciting to walk through a thrift store’s doors….