Here’s to the Short Races….

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This image signifies the short races that we need to do when creating a simple or minimalist life. Sulky Cart (Harness) Racing, pictured above, is very much the same. The races are done in short burst with many races having three laps around the track. The horses then take a break before racing again; just like we need to do when we are decluttering and organizing our home. I Quote source:
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Introduction – Perseverance. In thinking about the quote above, I immediately began to think about how it applied to our lives as we simplify. Having perseverance when we have committed ourselves to do something can be challenging. However, if we keep in mind what it was that originally made us want to make this decision, it can help us to reaffirm our commitment to simplify or become more of a minimalist whenever we feel our commitment waning. (Remember, whether we are interested in simplifying our lives or to become a minimalist, we will be changing our lives in a positive direction no matter which one that we choose.)

The Short Races. The reference to “the short races” that Elliot mentions, is something that can really help us, if we try to apply the method to our simplifying. When we begin to simplify, we need to recognize that it is a start of a new way of life; a journey of kinds – “a race”. If we want to be successful in our main goal to simplify or minimize, the best way to do it is to break down our main goal into manageable, smaller projects, or mini-goals.

Once we plan out the initial, smaller projects / mini-goals, we can look at our calendar to see when we can work on each one. Keep in mind, being flexible with your scheduling is important. For example, say one of the smaller projects / mini-goals takes you more than one session, but you only planned for one. You may need to adjust your schedule to fit the second session in. Do not be hard on yourself about a smaller project or mini-goal taking longer. You are working on accomplishing your main goal(s) and that is what really counts!

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Enjoying the Races. If we think about it, each day is filled with tasks that help us accomplish many things. If we recognize them for what they really are, small steps (small projects / mini-goals) that are really helping us to succeed in making our bigger goals and dreams come about, then we can see their true value. Even in doing this, there will be times when these day-to-day steps may still seem unimportant, dull, boring or frustrating.

However, whenever we find ourselves feeling or thinking this way, let us stop and recognize how we are feeling. We can then use those thoughts and feelings as a way to know when to turn our thinking around, so that we will want to complete the task(s) in a positive manner and frame of mind. We can then go on by changing our thinking; purposely thinking about the way that this activity is actually helping us. Once we really look at things in this light, let us challenge ourselves to make these activities fun or enjoyable in some way so that we will truly want to accomplish and complete them.

Completing the Short Races. Life is really about enjoying the tasks that we do; both the large and the small ones. These tasks really are important towards our main goals, even when they seem insignificant. If we can re-train ourselves to think and see the things that we have to do in our day-to-day life in this way, it will really help us.

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We can challenge ourselves to find ways to make these tasks and activities fun. Sometimes pairing a “boring” task with music or an audiobook can make the task more enjoyable to work on and complete. Having a movie on or talking to a friend or family member on speaker phone can be another way to make your task enjoyable. As long as the item or activity that we are pairing up with the task that we are currently working on, does not take away from our focus on this task so that we can complete it safely, then it should be fine and can actually be helpful to us.

Closing Thoughts. Completing these daily tasks in this way will slowly begin to help us change the way that we view them. This will make our life become more enjoyable and can add a spark to our step, so-to-speak. In the bigger picture, this is a way to enjoy the “short races”. It can also help us in building a stronger perseverance with our main goals, and with activites that help us to fulfill them, as Elliot recommends.

As for some goals, they are ongoing, just like our simplifying activities. So including and creating fun ways to work on our smaller projects / mini-goals will help us feel like they are worth working on, and that life is really and truly enjoyable for us. That way, we can work on our goals and enjoy the journey throughout the lifestyle that we are creating and persevering in; genuinely looking forward to what in the future is to come.

What main goal do you currently have in regards to your simplifying or minimalist goals? How have you been trying to enjoy completing each of the “short races”?

Please feel free to tell us your thoughts and comments in the Comments’ section below. Sharing your goals, and telling us how you go about making it enjoyable, so that you complete each step, can really help others in our Simplicity’s Journey Community.

The way that you handle your “short races” may be the suggestion(s) that helps someone else in our community be able to continue to succeed in their simplifying process.

So thank you, in advance, for sharing your experiences in simplifying with the rest of us. And for everyone in our community, remember, you can do it! • Thank you for visiting Simplici!ty’s Journey. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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