Where to Start Decluttering When You Are Unsure Where to Begin

This photo symbolizes how we can go to a thrift store to get an idea of what kind of items that others are decluttering from their lives. This can give us an idea of what kind of items are disposable and/or can be decluttered from our homes and lives. https://simplicitysjourney.com

• Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

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Introduction. I was thinking the other day about the thrift store and the items that we go there to find. It’s always so exciting to walk through a thrift store’s doors. However, what is even better is watching the customers coming into the store. In almost every case, you see the customers come in, get a cart for their treasure finds and then enter into the very front of the store. Many will stop and scan the store; surveying its contents with exciting satisfaction.

The Thrift Store. Once inside of the thrift store, so many items can be found. Walking around, customers can be seen walking hurriedly from one area to another. Most thrift stores are broken up into different areas or departments. There is always the Clothing department. This area usually contains seasonal clothing items including coats. Within this department or in an area nearby are shoes, jewelry and handbags. Coordinated together, many outfits can be made.

Various Departments. While continuing to peruse around the store, the Entertainment department can be found. This area(s) have books, music, movies and games. I have noticed that many times, the book area is the busiest part of this department. Usually found nearby is the Technology department. This area usually has TV’s, Blu-Rays, printers, digital cameras, game boxes and other such items. These items were all once utilized as useful tools around the home – just like the items found in the Housewares department. All types of items can be seen there such as Kitchen tools, plates and silverware, towels, sheets and blankets. Within these departments, so many items can be located!

This photo shows an example of items that can be found at a thrift store. https://simplicitysjourney.com
• Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Decluttering Ideas. Now you might be wondering why I am talking about thrift stores and the items that you find there, when I want to talk about what items we can work on possibly decluttering from our homes. It occurred to me that if we look at the items that are in the thrift stores, these items are the ones that people are most often decluttering. So if you look at what was mentioned above, clothes are the most abundant items that are found in thrift stores. The other items that can be abundantly found are Entertainment items such as books, music, movies and games. Kitchen and home decor usually take up a larger portion of the thrift store as well. I was thinking of these items and overall departments that we find in thrift stores as guidance for what items that we could consider first decluttering.

Closing Thoughts – The Abundance. Clothing, shoes, handbags, Entertainment and Kitchen items, and Household items such as sheets, towels and blankets are items that are consumable. In other words, we use them until they are either worn out, we tire of them or get something new to replace the use of the older item. Because these items are in more of an abundance in our life, they could be the first areas that we look into and consider decluttering. The thing that is so great about decluttering is that it is a double win; we get to simplify our lives and spaces, and we get to help someone else with our donations!

What area(s) that we discussed today could you declutter from?

• We would love to hear what you are considering and decluttering in the Comments’ section below. For me, I have some household items that I am sure can go. With that in mind, I am off to declutter. So take care, Friends, and have a great day….and as always…. •

Happy Decluttering!

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  1. I appreciate that!
    So true that a very important part of the decluttering process is to stay out of the stores – online or otherwise.

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