Why Beginning Simple Living Projects with What We Already Have Is Important….

This photo symbolizes going on a Simple or Minimalist journey. Depending on your surroundings, it could be a slow journey or it could be a quicker one. It all depends on you. However, no matter how long the journey is, each person's is individualistic and can be enjoyed throughout the process. https://simplicitysjourney.com

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This image represents how we are on a journey towards a simple or minimalist life. It is a beautiful life from the time that we begin; we just need to look around at our progress to recognize it. Our journeys will go at different speeds and look different from one another, but will be progress. https://simplicitysjourney.com  I  Quote source:  https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/arthur_ashe_371527
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Hi Friends. I hope that each of you are doing well.

Introduction. I got to thinking recently about starting out on a Simple Living or Minimalist journey and how it feels in the beginning. Starting out on a new way of life will usually lead us to feel so excited, exhilarated and happy. We see different people that have applied this lifestyle to their lives, and the difference that it has made for them and their loved ones. We see that, and want that for ourselves and families, too. We look around our homes briefly and think about where to get started first, usually wanting to do several areas all at once! (Which is normal and pretty amusing, in retrospect.)

Eagerness. After we finally decide where to begin, we are eager to get started. Usually, we end up beginning in an area of our home that has really been bugging us. We dive headfirst into that initial project. Suddenly, we get to the point where we feel that we need to go out and get some organizing items and systems like we have seen on Pinterest, the internet or on TV. We then stop working on our projects momentarily, to go out and shop for these “necessary” items, spending money on multiple, organizing items such as containers, baskets, shelving, and so on.

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Then, we come home and continue with our decluttering and organizing project. Usually by the end, we realize that we possibly bought too many of or the incorrect organizing items and/or systems for the space that we were working on. (Plus we added extra time to our decluttering and organizing efforts.) After working on a few decluttering and organizing projects in this manner, some of our eagerness and excitement begins to fade, while our wallets feel emptier.

I can attest that this usually happens to us all, so please do not feel badly if you have felt or are feeling this way. We have chosen to make a change in our lives by working on making them simpler, or by even working further to become minimalists. With some of these early experiences, it may dampen our initial excitement. However, this is where the quote by Arthur Ashe applies so beautifully. It is such a good reminder for us. Ashe’s quote can be applied to many things, but for us, it can pull us out of that initial decluttering and organizing slump that we may be feeling.

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New Lifestyle Progress. We have what it takes to make simplifying or minimalism our new lifestyle; both in a new, belief system and literally with the organizing items that we already have. Like Ashe reminds us, we can “start where we are”. When we see others’ progress, we can be happy for them, too, knowing that we will get to where we want to be in our simple or minimalist journeys as well. We can cheer each other on and be a source of encouragement and inspiration for one another.

Also, as the quote states, “Use what you have”. Now this is the great part. We do not need to feel that we have to go out and buy the latest and greatest organizing items and systems. We are creative and can use or modify what we already have to make the areas that we are organizing look really nice.

It is so great when after being finished with a decluttering and organizing project, we have an organized space that we can be proud of. However, that is not all. When using what we have, we also will have been able to put our organizing items and systems to good use; the ones that were most likely in our storage areas. This is an extra, added bonus to what we are doing. Additionally, and another exciting part to what we have done, is the fact that we have not hurt ourselves financially in this process either.

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Closing Thoughts. In looking forward, we can continue to “do what we can”, as Ashe suggests. We can take our time and do our simplifying projects correctly. Does that mean that in the future we will never come back and revisit the space that we just finished simplifying? No, items wear out, our tastes change, and so on. However, we can feel satisfied that in this moment, we have done the best that we can. We can feel happy and accomplished with the progress that we have been making.

So my Friends, keep on working on your simplifying and/or minimalist projects. Remember, you are getting somewhere with your decluttering and organizing work. We all started the same; wanting a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. Just as the others that you see making progress, so will you. ….You are doing it!!!

What decluttering and organizing project are you currently working on? How have you been using or modifying the organizing items and/or systems that you already have, in order to make your organizing efforts work in that particular space?

• Please feel free to talk with us in the Comments’ section below. In the meantime, keep thinking on Arthur Ashe’s quote. It will definitely be one to keep in mind and remember during future projects. • Take Care, Kyra

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