Organizing Challenge – Paperwork – Part III: A Possible Solution to Our Short-Term Paperwork Dilemma

This photo is of a carrying-case of files. It has a latch in front to keep the files secured. The carrying-case can be used as a "Sunday Basket".

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Part III – Continued….

Usage of the Sunday Basket. I briefly wanted to talk to you about how the “Sunday Basket” can be used. If you would want to use it the “traditional” way that it was originally intended, you would pick the same day each week to go through the basket. However, if you use the Flylady’s “Desk Days”, this basket system would accommodate using that type of routine as well. One possible way to implement multiple “Desks Days” would be to have one day where you would want to work on completing the actionable paperwork and then put what is completed in your “To File” folder (if you have one in your basket). Then on your second “Desk Day”, you could use that time to actually file your completed paperwork in your “Tickler File” or whatever folders that you might have for short-term (this year’s) paperwork.

I also wanted to make a brief suggestion in regards to any paperwork that you are decluttering out of your “Sunday Basket”. Whenever you are getting ready to go through your paperwork, it would be an important thing to research “paper retention” information. This will give you knowledge about what papers are imperative to keep and which ones would be alright to discard. Additionally, if you are unsure of any particular set of papers, it would be good to set them aside and research more on this type of paperwork in the paper retention lists. Other resources that you could have to make certain of what to do with these set of questionable papers, would be to call a qualified accountant and a qualified lawyer. Both would be knowledgeable about what you would need to keep to help you maintain your paperwork for your particular situation.

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Closing Thoughts. Well, my Friends, I hope that this article on short-term paperwork has been informative for you and helps you as create your “Sunday Basket”. As far as sharing mine, I did so because I just wanted to show and describe my “Sunday Basket” to you so that you could have an example to see when you are making yours up. Whenever you do make your “Sunday Basket”, I would love to see a photo of how you made it, if you would like to share a photo of it. I have accounts on Instagram (@SimplicitysJourney) and on Twitter (@SimplicitysJrny), if you would like to share photos of your “Sunday Basket” with the Friends of the Simplicity’s Journey community. Everyone in our community is here to cheer and encourage one other in our attempts to live simply, or even to live a minimalist lifestyle. So please feel free to share your “Sunday Basket” photos with us, we would love to see them! (Note: Please remove any personal or confidential folders or information in your “Sunday Basket” before taking a photo of it to share with us.) However, if you would rather not share photos of your “Sunday Basket”, that is no problem. You could share with us on how your new, “Sunday Basket” is working for you!

Whether you share with us or not, the most important thing – especially to me, is that you have a short-term paper system that works well for you and makes your life easier and more simple. I know that since I have created my “Sunday Basket”, I have had a huge improvement with my paperwork being addressed and staying organized. I have also noticed that there are not random piles sitting around my home. When I need paperwork, I know just where to look, and it is in so much better order. Having this big improvement in an area that was such a large and consistent problem for me previously, made it something that I wanted to share with you. I hope that you have great success in implementing this short-term paper system within your life and home. Remember, each small step that you are taking are leading you towards a more simple life. I know that you can do it! Take care – and happy decluttering and organizing!

What are your thoughts on using the Sunday Basket? How do you think that this type of paperwork system would work for you?

• Please feel free to tell us in the Comments’ section below. • Take care, Kyra

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