Making Your Simple Living or Minimalist Dreams Come to Life….

This image symbolizes how we can dig deep and get ourselves ready and able to accomplish our goals and dreams. We can accomplish our hopes and dreams by doing this.

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Hello, Friends!

Introduction. Remember, you are capable of accomplishing your dreams…. Whether it’s creating a Simple or Minimalist Lifestyle and other, positive dreams; you have it in you to make it happen.

What goal(s) have you been thinking about and dreaming of? Are they ones that you want to accomplish in the short-term, or are they ones that are more long-term goals?

• We would love to hear about them in the Comments’ section below. • Take care, Friends. -Kyra

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Hello! My name is Kyra and I love everything to do with simple and minimalist living. I have started Simplicity’s Journey as a way to share what I’m doing to simplify my life, home, and to hear what you are doing to simplify as well. One of my goals is for us to have a community on Simplicity’s Journey that will be supportive, inspiring and encouraging to one another, as we continue on our Simple Living or Minimalist journeys. 🗃🧹🍃

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