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This photo represents an area where a person could go to think about and dream about future goals. The bench out in the quiet garden is a good spot to also plan out and visualize the future. The more that you do these things, the more likely that you will accomplish them. https://simplicitysjourney.com I Quote source: This image shows a young woman thinking, planning and visualizing her Simple or Minimalist Journey. She is thinking about the different steps that she can take and items that she can simplify. https://simplicitysjourney.com I Quote source: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/theodore_roosevelt_380703

(Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com)

Many times when we make goals and dreams for ourselves, we go someplace where we can go to think about them. The photo shown is an example of a place where we could do just that; a swing out in the garden. https://simplicitysjourney.com  I  Quote source:  https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/theodore_roosevelt_380703
(Brainy Quote)

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Introduction. Picture opening a front door and walking into a Living Room that is clean and neat with comfortable furnishings. The walls contain a few meaningful photos, and have a soft, colorful hue to it. There is a medium-sized, grey area rug in the front of the couch. It goes very well with the dark furniture in the room. In the background, there is music lightly playing. The room has a faint smell of lilac flowers permeating throughout it. Overall, the Living Room feels comfortable and certainly is one that would be very nice to spend time in.

Benefits of a Lifestyle. Next, walking through the room to the one that is adjacent to the Living Room, is the Kitchen and Breakfast Nook. The room is bright and refreshing. The sink and countertops are sparklingly clean and contain a coffee pot on one counter, and a grey container with a few wooden, cooking tools near the stove on the other. Otherwise, the countertops are clear. Looking over at the Breakfast Nook, there is a family-size table with red, table mats and tulips in a vase. At the end of the room, there is a pantry. When opening the door to it, the pantry is found fully stocked with food. The refrigerator nearby is neatly stocked as well.

When walking through the home, notice the feeling throughout. It is so calming, peaceful and relaxing. This is what living simply or becoming a minimalist can do for us. It makes a house feel like a home that has been actually catered specifically just for us and our families.

• Photo by Terry Magallanes on Pexels.com

Visualization. Notice what was done in the previous descriptions? The rooms that were mentioned were described in such a way that we could visualize them enough that we felt that we were right there in them. Envisioning the way that we want our spaces to feel and look is one of the best ways to make it happen. Actually, using the technique of visualization can do so much for us. If we can visualize something, we are creating, planning and focusing enough to begin the process of making our goal or dream happen.

A Quote to Ponder Over. In thinking about this, a quote by the former President, Theodore Roosevelt, comes to mind, “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” He was so right! That is where techniques like visualization can truly help. When it comes to our lives with Simple or Minimalist Living, keeping this quote in mind, can empower and motivate us.

This quote can make us believe that we can accomplish our desires to live this lifestyle and create our own dream spaces in our homes. We will be able to think about a space; categorizing items, deciding some of what we want to keep, as well as what we want to declutter ahead of time. Visualizing will help us plan our work; enabling us to focus and use our available time to declutter more efficiently.

• Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Encouragement and Drive. After initially beginning, it will be the continued visualization, the progress that we are making in our lives, and the differences that we see in our homes that will spur us to continue on. It will drive us and make us want to keep achieving our simplifying or minimalist dreams one step, one plan, one habit, and one room at a time.

Believing It Can Happen. In reflecting on my journey towards minimalism, I know that the previously mentioned steps are how it initially began, and continues to work for me. I am certain that it will encourage you in the same way as well. Remember, what you believe in with your simple or minimalist goals and challenges can happen. If you continue to envision the lifestyle and spaces that you want to create for yourself, you will be able to declutter, clean and organize your spaces the way that you want them to be. These goals are achievable and attainable for you…. We know that you can do it!

What goals are you presently working on or planning for? Have you tried the visualization technique? If so, how has it worked for you in being successful with your goals and dreams, especially with your simplifying or minimalist journeys?

• Please feel free to tell us about your goals in the Comments’ section below. We would love to hear about your experiences with visualizing your goals as well as your overall experiences in your simple living or minimalist lifestyle. Thank you – and take care. • Sincerely, Kyra

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