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My Story On Beginning My Simple Living Journey

Introduction. Hello! My name is Kyra, and I would like to welcome you to my website / blog, Simplicity’s Journey. It is here that I will be talking about Simple Living topics such as decluttering, cleaning and organizing, for starters. Originally, I had an interest in creating a simple life for myself and my family which has led me onto my journey of Simple Living. When I first started trying to simplify our life, I mostly learned through trial and error.

However, I eventually found a happy medium to the different methods that I was trying out and using around my home and within our routines and schedules. Once I got my systems and routines the way that suited my family, I noticed that our home and life began to feel extra happy and peaceful. Was it ever perfect? No, but it certainly felt good to feel like we were finally living a way of life that worked. After seeing these results, I became a big believer and was hooked on the Simple Living Lifestyle.

Background on How I got into Simplifying my Life. Early in my adult life, I lived a fairly simple lifestyle. However, once I got married, and later, had our son, the material possessions that we had grew quickly. We had our home set up how we wanted, but as more possessions came into our home, we realized that it was becoming filled more than we would have liked. It became increasingly harder to find exact places to fit everything and still have extra spaces, like we originally were used to.

It was about the time that our son was approximately two-and-a-half to three years old that I realized that our home needed some “additional organization”. It was soon after that I found the Flylady and began implementing the system that she taught within our home. One of the things that the Flylady used to talk about was decluttering. This was a different mindset about our belongings – the idea of getting rid of things rather than just organizing everything!

Soon after, we began to work to go through our belongings in order to declutter our home. Little by little, we saw that our work was making leeway – and we could see a lot of progress. We eventually did get to the actual organizing. We loved how our life was becoming, and from that point on, we knew that we could not ever turn back!

Once we became determined to lived this lifestyle, I started learning as much as I could about decluttering, organizing and ways to simplify our life. I can say for certain that simplifying our life the way that we did helped us create the lifestyle that we wanted, gave us more time together, and was something that we could count on – regardless of work, school and extracurricular activities. Simple Living became a constant for us, changing from “decluttering and organizing” activities to a way of life; a journey that we wanted to continue going on.

Results that I’ve Seen. Over the course of time, we’ve seen amazing results which slowly transformed our home and our life. The one thing that became apparent was that the more that we decluttered our unused and unwanted material belongings, the easier it was to clean and maintain our home. One of the nicest things about all of the decluttering that we did at this time was that our home started to become a reflection of our favorite belongings. It was finally becoming a reflection of us rather than all of the clutter.

There were other results of our decluttering, cleaning and organizing as well. We were able to spend more time together as a family. Our home’s upkeep became so much easier. It was really great to have time to stop worrying about our home and what we had to do to get it to where we wanted it to be. I think that is what really helped us because we were refreshed, so when we got back to our decluttering and organizing projects, we were truly ready to work on them.

As a result of all of our decluttering and organizing, we were also able to save some extra money. Due to working through our projects throughout our home, we became much more aware of what we had and needed. Did I need that new shirt? No. What about that pretty blanket that was on sale? No. It was very satisfying to finally be able to live this way. It helped to make us very happy which made all of our work so worthwhile.

My Goals to Continue to Simplify. Years later, after some very difficult circumstances that arose, we had to stop our decluttering and maintenance efforts. A few years later after these circumstances, we also had an addition to our family. Needless to say, the belongings in our home multiplied exponentially! Recently, being back to better circumstances, the decluttering and purging of the excessive and unwanted items in our home has begun again. Fortunately, with all of the work that we did years ago, we have a solid basis to start from. I am so happy about each step of progress that I have been making. In order to continue and try to plan ahead a bit, I’ve come up with some future, simplifying goals to work on:

  • To continue decluttering each week.
  • To choose the order of projects to be done in our home so that it will make the most difference. (The other ones will definitely be done later! LOL.)
  • After each decluttering project, organize the spaces so that it makes the most sense in our home and the way that we live.
  • To continue making time each month for upkeep of and to evaluate previously finished, decluttered and organized spaces. (Basically, I just want to double-check that these spaces are staying organized and working well. At this time, I can also do a quick check to see if there is anything else that can be decluttered.)
  • I want to take time regularly each week to enjoy the progress that has been made by spending time in our decluttered, clean and organized spaces that I have worked on. I want my family to be able to enjoy these spaces and spend time together in them.

Closing. I have other goals, but this is a good start, don’t you think? I am really looking forward to getting further into our simplifying journey and sharing it with you. Also, I would love to hear about your simplifying journey as well. We can encourage one another with our progress and cheer each other on. I am really looking forward to hearing from you and am so glad that you came by my page today! Best Regards, Kyra

Are you new to simplifying or have you been on your simplifying or minimalist journey for a period of time?

How long have you been working on decluttering, organizing and simplifying? What changes have you seen in your life as a result of all of your work? ———————————————————————————————————– Please tell us all about yourself, your journey and future simplifying plans. We would love to hear all about it. Thank you for being a part of our Simplicity’s Journey Community. You all are the best!

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Hello! My name is Kyra and I love everything to do with simple and minimalist living. I have started Simplicity’s Journey as a way to share what I’m doing to simplify my life, home, and to hear what you are doing to simplify as well. One of my goals is for us to have a community on Simplicity’s Journey that will be supportive, inspiring and encouraging to one another, as we continue on our Simple Living or Minimalist journeys. 🗃🧹🍃

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